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Rockin' the city with Good Humor
by Bill Craig, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10-11-2001
Richmonders love their history. Though it's not taught in any school that you'd admit to having attended, the history of the Good Humor Band is a pretty riveting read.

Bet you didn't know that the band,
a mainstay of the Richmond rock scene during the mid-'70s and '80s, got its start on North Carolina's Outer Banks as The Wrong Brothers.

You'll find that nugget and more in the liner notes of the band's new self-titled CD, which the boys will bring with them when get back together in Richmond for High on the Hog 25, a barbecue benefit bash for Church Hill Association and Church Hill Crime Watch.

"It's good reading,
it's like walking through Richmond's rock and roll past with those names and those bars," explained Good Humor Band guitarist Mike McAdam from his Nashville, Tenn., home.

In addition to an informative CD booklet, the album features 19 songs - six new ones recorded last year in Nashville and 13 pulled from the band's past.

The band's legion of fans will recognize the album's
let-the-good-times-roll mix of rock, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, surf guitar and classic country.

The High on the Hog lineup of the Good Humor Band consists of McAdam, Wetzel, Drake Leonard, Joe McGlohan, David Eggleston and Mike Lucas along with Steve Bassett. Look for guest appearances from band alumni Manny Green and former lead singer Jimmy Morgan.

There's been some pretty significant life after Good Humor for the boys.

McAdam's currently touring with Radney Foster and LeRoy Parnell. Once a member of Reba McEntire's band, McGlohan is currently living in Huntsville, Ala., and helping jump-start T. Graham Brown's career as well as playing with former Nighthawk Jimmy Thackery.

Leonard's a part of Sherrie Austin's and David Ball's bands while Wetzel installs cable during the day and plays with his own Nashville band by night. And Central Virginians don't have to travel far to hear Lucas and his Richmond-based Reverb Rockets.

Loyalty and stability aren't exactly core values of the rock 'n' roll business but
the Good Humor Band gets together on an almost annual basis (this year's holiday show is scheduled for Dec. 29 at The Canal Club).

McAdam offered a simple theory about what sets GHB apart from your garden variety rock 'n' roll combo: "We all still like each other."

Where: Playing during High on the Hog, which runs noon-sunset Saturday at Libby Hill Park Cost: Free

Details: (804) 788-1715

Another show: Saturday night at Poe's Pub, 2706 E. Main St.

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